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Sell Tickets Online About Us sells events for over 50 Island promoters, both for-profit and non-profit. Our custom-built online ticketing sales system is flexible, reliable and backed by real humans who are happy to work with you to insure your event sales are a success. 2013 will be our 7th season; at the end of 2012 we had processed over 8,500 ticket orders for promoters. We understand the importance of being your ticketing event partner and are experienced in making your online event sales seamless and successful.

What does it cost?
There is no charge to an event promoter to have us sell events for you on our site. A fee of 3.85% is deducted from your sales total at event closing to cover credit card costs. All other monies are remitted to promoters once funds have cleared our account (typically 3-7 days post closing). Should an event have significant advance sales, we are happy to cut checks prior to closing.

TicketsMV makes money by adding a processing fee to the cost of your tickets. This fee is paid by the consumer. The processing fee can be displayed separately, or rolled in to the online ticket price. Please discuss these options with your representative. Processing fees always remit to and retains full control on setting the amount of all processing fees.

Can I sell tickets elsewhere online or at outlets?
To sell with us we must be the exclusive online ticket outlet for your event. This makes web promotions and inventory tracking significantly easier and reduces consumer confusion. You may wish to also have tickets available at physical outlets on the Island. Online inventory can be adjusted at anytime during event sales with the click of a mouse, allowing immediate response should events approach sell-out status. We do not link directly to any other ticketing URL’s from our site, but will link to your site if we are your exclusive online ticketing partner.

When should I send my event information?
Your event can be loaded to our site as soon as your details are complete. We can even post a “save the date” listing if needed while final details are coming together. You can post your event through our interface at or you can email your event details to and we can post for you. The sooner the better! Tickets can go on sale online as soon as your event is approved. If you have a festival or large event please contact us before posting.

We are offering special seating and pricing, how do you handle that?
Our system can accommodate an unlimited number of pricing tiers, VIP pricing, member pricing, early bird discounts, and day of event pricing. Each of these categories of sales is broken out on your event reports. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have special pricing needs for your event.

How do I link to my event once it is live?
Once your event is live on our site we will provide you with your custom web address for your event on our site “”  If you have multiple events, your custom URL will point to your entire schedule so that consumers can choose from all of your offerings. Memberships and extra donations can also be offered on the site, please contact us for details.

How do I know what has sold?
Event sales reports are generated automatically every Tuesday and Thursday via email. Once you are within 2 weeks of your event date we switch your reporting to daily.  Your event closing report, which becomes your door list, will arive via email within 15minutes of closing time. Please be sure we have a correct email address for this reporting and let us know immediately once your event is live if you do not receive your Tuesday/Thursday reports or if you have any problem opening the reports.

When we set up your event we will determine both the initial online inventory and your event closing time. Both these items can be adjusted as we move through the event sales process. For fast selling events we will communicate with you to maximize sales, while allowing you to maintain control of inventory.

When do online sales close, how do I get my door and customer list?
Ideally, you will close your event as close to the actual event time as possible. Our system sweeps 3-times an hour, and reports are fully automated, so the main determining factor in setting a closing time is when you can retrieve the final door list from your computer. We will discuss your closing time when we set up your event.

Upon event closing, and at any other time upon request, we will provide you with a complete electronic list of all your event purchasers, their email address, transaction details and mailing information. In compliance with consumer protection laws, we do not pass on credit card information from consumers.

Give us a call at (508) 696-4911 or send us an email today to discuss how we can help you promote your Martha's Vineyard event. 

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