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Promote Your Event About Us


On our site and thru our FREE data feed: has a loyal user base that continues to expand. Your event reaches our site visitors who have come to depend on us for our wide range of listings which are constantly updated and are verified for accuracy.

All exclusive events we sell are listed as “Best Bets” on our site and are included in our free calendar feed which resides on over 60 local business sites—and growing. This includes, numerous island real estate and accommodation sites and many more. If you would like to include our free online calendar to your site just let us know.

Through close relationships and select print placements: maintains a close and mutually-beneficial relationship with This Week MV. Through this relationship we may choose to promote your event in print promotions. Please note these programs are developed each year and are subject to change.

Via Social Networks
TicketsMV maintains an emails our list of over 15,000 ticket buyers with appropriate frequency. We may choose to include your event in these promotions, and may seek specific segments of our list to target with your event.

The above promotions are included for promoters whose events we sell exclusively online. You may also wish to advertise on our site, or to utilize our substantial expertise in local event promotions. Please refer to our paid services pages for more ways in which we can assist you in promoting your event.


Event Referral Program: offers an EVENT REFERRAL PROGRAM for promoters whose tickets are not being offered for sale on our site. This program allows "You Sell" promoters access to many of the same benefits as "We Sell" promoters, including:

  • Direct links from our site to your ticketing page, driving immediate sales from to you.
  • Your full season of events can be listed on our site and Referral Events will be included in our data feed --giving your events expansive reach.
  • Your event can be included in our promotional emails to consumers, reaching our list of 15,000+ ticket buyers. 
  • Your event can be advertised on the home page. 

Our  Event Referral Program is a fee-based service where you can promote a single event, or a full season of offerings and leverage the strength and reach of the brand. Non-profit rates are offered. Contact us for pricing and details. 


What you Should do to Promote Your Event

  1. List your event on our site as soon as possible and leave event sales open as late as possible.
  2. Post your event on other Island calendars in print and on the web and link to your site and/or our ticketing page for your site. (Please let us know if you need a list of where and how to do this.)
  3. Include your event on your Web site with a direct link to your custom web address and the TicketsMV “Get it Here” or “On Sale Now” graphics which we will provide to you. Be sure the graphics are prominent on your site and repeated with sufficient frequency (at top and bottom of pages if necessary).
  4. Include the direct link to your event on your Blog, post your event on Facebook and other social networks with a direct link to your ticketing pages, and email your client list at least 3 times (spaced appropriately).
  5. Post your event on your performers’ and sponsors web sites, blogs and social networking pages with links to the ticketing pages if possible. Ask your sponsors and promoters if they can email information on your event to their email lists or include your event in newsletters and other outbound communications where possible.
  6. Include the On Sale Now graphic and your custom URL prominently in your posters, flyers, banners, print materials and ads.
  7. Submit press releases with images well in advance to the papers and follow up on these.
  8. As appropriate, schedule direct mailings, advertising, postering and grass-roots marketing to insure that your message breaks through the clutter of the very busy summer season.
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